How To Beat Creative Block

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If you're feeling lost, uninspired, or just in a funk. Keep reading. 
Every time I feel this way, my creativity is shot. Not like burnt out shot, but the kind of shot where nothing inspires me and I couldn't make something new if my life depended on it. 
Whenever I try to explain this to someone, I always refer back to the time a few months ago where I kept opening my iPad... expecting this crazy, wonderfully creative idea to just pop on my screen. That didn't happen. Instead, I just stared at the screen FOR HOURS. This went on for a few days until I really realized what was happening. Once I realized it, I made plans with my mother-in-law to go paint some pottery. It was wonderful and refreshing and really helped spark something in me. After we painted pottery, we went to this small indie gift shop. It was so cute and totally my vibe. I saw an air freshener. It was in the shape of a mushroom. I loved it, but didn't buy it. After we left, I could not stop thinking about that dang mushroom. So, as soon as I got home I started sketching. I ended up creating the cutest little mushroom design and seamless digital paper. And then I created more and more and more. That random mushroom air freshener that I saw in that shop that day sparked the creativity I needed to continue on, to feel better and create. 
Creative block doesn't just happen to digital designers. It happens to the best of the best tumbler artists, t-shirt makers, to people who have been in business months, years, and decades. It happens to everyone.
Next time you aren't feeling creative, I hope that you refer back to these tips and I  become inspired.
1. Recharge outside in the fresh air
The feeling of being outside with the warm sun on your skin is something that many of us take for granted. It helps recharge and fuel your body. Not only can it recharge you, but seeing a colorful bird on a tree limb can spark that creativity inside of you. Next time you are outside, take in the colors, smells, sounds. Think about why it makes you happy and why it brings you peace.
2. Refer to your sketchbook for ideas
I recently purchased this brain dump notepad and it has helped me in so many ways. Referring to those ideas that have been written down for a long time can work wonders. Even if you don't create the thing you wrote down, it can help guide you to your next bestselling artwork. Here is another brain dump pad I love.
3. Create from a different location
Listen, I am a people watcher through and through. Creating from a local park or a Starbucks can opens up my mind to so many possibilities. If you feel weird creating in public, maybe try a different room in your house. Most times, I design on my living room couch, but going into my office and sitting at my desk can help me focus. In turn, the ideas flow. 
4. Start anyway
When people ask me about my business and why it is where it is, I reply it's because I started. There are so many people who never accomplish their dreams because they just don't hit go. The beauty of it is that small business, ideas, creativity is messy. It isn't going to be perfect the first time and that's okay. You'll learn as you go, you'll make money as you go. It doesn't happen overnight. This is the same thing for creativity. If you just start anyway you're (hopefully) going to feel more accomplished and that is going to help your brain spew more ideas. 
5. Find a new source of inspiration
Just like the mushroom air freshener story I told you at the beginning, you can find new sources of inspiration where you least expect it. Some of my favorite spots to find inspiration are local small shops, outside, and with my son. 
Inspiration is all around you. Open your eyes to it. Be willing to accept it. Work with it even if it's not something or somewhere you would normal find inspiration.
Lastly, I want you to know that the world needs your creativity. Keep going.


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