5 Ways To Be More Productive In Your Small Business

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It's August. Many of us are crazy busy with our families, back to school shopping, extra curriculars... all. the. things.

When you have 1294984 other things to be worrying about, being productive definitely isn't at the top of anyone's list.

Being busy clutters the mind. A cluttered mind means decreased productivity. Decreased productivity can mean a variety of things, like: not completing all your tasks, making a mistake on a t-shirt that needed to be shipped yesterday, lack of organization, and stress... lots of stress.

Whether you work during the day or after the kids go to bed, implementing these five tips will help you become more productive.

This new found productivity will help set you up for success for our busiest season of the year. Your productivity will become profit. Manifest it, babe!



Now let's break this down a bit.

1. "HEY SIRI. SET A TIMER FOR 15 MINUTES!" It's literally as easy as that. Need to fold your laundry that has been sitting in the pile on that chair for a few days? Set the timer. Need to send an email to your customers letting them know you just released new items? Set the timer. If you prefer a stand alone timer, try this. Setting a timer is so incredibly simple and marking those items off of your to-do list will instantly make you feel better. Speaking of lists...
2. Are you a planner girl? Or do you just wing it? Either way... grab some sticky notes, a cute note pad, (or even an envelope) and write down a list before you go to bed. This will help you know exactly what you have to get done the next day. You'll spend less time procrastinating and just get into it. Procrastinator turned productive queen. YASSS!
3. Goals are so important when you have a small business. You should have yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily goals (see tip 2!). You have a goal to sell 100K this year? Let's break that down into what you need to sell monthly... $8334/month. Now weekly... $2083/week. And daily? $300. If you sell t-shirts... how many tees is that a day? 12 give or take. You can do it. By breaking those BIG goals down into smaller, more attainable ones, you are going to feel so accomplished every single time you complete them. You will want to continue feeling that and in turn will be more productive.
4. REST. RELAX. BREAK. STOP. Wait... we're still talking about productivity right? Yes. You MUST practice self care to continue being your best. Your overall wellbeing should always be at the forefront. Ya know what they say, "You can't pour from an empty cup."
5. Do not stop learning. Be intentional when you decide what you want to learn next or what class to invest in next. Is it going to help better YOU? Whether you read free blogs like this or you invest in trainings like this, you are setting yourself up for further success. Learning tips, shortcuts, etc. is going to help you not only with being the best version of yourself but also decreases the time it takes you to complete tasks. 

Productivity is key for your small business success. Getting your to-do list done is going to make you feel healthier and happier. I promise. Being more productive not only increases your overall wellbeing, your profits, and your success, but it increases time spent doing things we love to do and spending time with the people with love.


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